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January 2023

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy break. Many of you celebrated and visited with family and friends, some of you traveled, but whatever you did I hope you enjoyed the break from normal activity. Here's to a good start in 2023! ....LJL

LastPass Data Breach

Some of you may have heard of or may use the application LastPass. It is a convenient way to save online passwords in one place. Unfortunately, this very secure company's cloud was breached recently and hackers copied 25.6 million users' username and password information. Click here to read more about the incident.

As a district we do not use LastPass so this is meant to inform, not alarm.

This incident spurs me to remind you about how important it is to keep your passwords safe, secure, hard to figure out, and change them often. We are all at fault for reusing easy passwords and in some cases that works, but don't make that a habit. Protect yourself and your information.

If you are still in need of a New Year's Resolution, perhaps we can make a suggestion. Please, please, please no more passwords written on post-it notes stuck under your keyboard! (At least that doesn't use LastPass:)


There are so many choices for wonderful PD sessions during EdCamp on January 17th and the Technology Department will be hosting several options.

Lyndsay Johnson-LeMieux, will be discussing the basics of Illuminate and how to get started.

She also has a session on Google Tips and Tricks. Both are great choices if you are not the best at either application and would like to get better. Suggested subtopics are welcome. Please email Lyndsay with requests.

James Townley and Dave Vasher of the Technology Department will be hosting a session titled Tech Tips From The Experts which will focus on basic troubleshooting, Securly, and Q&A.

In the afternoon, Lyndsay is leading a training for office personnel on the new visitor management system that is coming soon to all the school main offices.

Congratulations, Dave Vasher!

WBSD Technology Department

Dave Vasher has been nominated for the Tech Educator for the Month of January. Dave is a nontraditional Educator from the WBSD Technology Department. He led the student lego robotics team after school at Bates Elementary. His work with this group of students enriched their lives and it would not have been possible if he hadn't stepped up.

Thank you Dave for all the hard work you do!

Tech Educator of the Month Nominations

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