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May 2022

Canva for Education

Canva is a popular program for creating professional-grade graphic designs and other creativity projects, but to make the most of it, you used to need the Pro version.

Luckily last year Canva released Canva for Education, which is completely free for educators and students, includes 1000s of pre-created education templates, allows you to create individual and collaborative assignments, and syncs with Learning Management Systems.

Learn what it's all about in this month's education technology tutorial!

  • FREE Canva access!

    • Get started using Canva after reviewing the Teacher Overview which outlines everything you need to know about the new district account.

    • Video: Creative ways to use Canva

As adults we (hopefully) know that not everything online is true. For our students though, this is a concept they need to learn.

Students can use Google to quickly find millions of websites matching their search request, but are they able to determine which sites actually contain information that is accurate, unbiased, up to date, and written by someone with authority?

Thankfully there are many helpful resources to assist our students (and ourselves) to increase digital literacy. See below for a collection of many of these resources that I have found to be valuable. If you have some favorite resources for evaluating online information, please consider sharing those in the comments at the bottom of the post.

Written by: @ericcurts ControlAltAcheive.com

Click Here to access additional information and resources.

Download Here!

  1. Clock Partners

  2. Snowball Discussions

  3. Shapes

  4. Standing Partners

  5. Socratic Seminar

  6. 4 Corners

  7. Four A's

  8. Chalk Talk

  9. Fish Bowl

  10. Think. Pair. Share.

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In this short video, James Townley takes us on a quick tour on how to troubleshoot a frozen or unresponsive Chromebook.

Thank you, James!

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