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March 2023

A.I. Bots: What are they and are they bad?

If you have been paying attention lately to any news feeds you most likely have heard about Chat GPT. This was one of the first A.I. generated chatbots that have many people wondering if students will use this as an opportunity to cheat and plagiarize. Since the release of this new chatbot the Technology team has reviewed it and blocked its use on district networks for students, HOWEVER it should be pointed out that this could be a great teachable moment. Students will use this technology at some point in their educational careers. The technology everyone is using right now is the worst it will be in our lifetime. We need to take a moment to reflect on HOW can we teach our students to use these new tools for good? If you have played around conversing with a chatbot or have read articles about them you know that they are still learning. They are not full of correct information, because the internet is not composed of 100% accurate and correct information and this is where chatbots learn. Students could choose to use these chatbots as a starting point and then revise and add on to the answer. It would entail citing that they did in fact use a chatbot, as well as research where the holes and misinformation is in the generated text. 

Math teachers may have once upon a time been upset when calculators were introduced into the curriculum, but some embraced the new tool. Tools help us think smarter, not harder. How can we use chatbots in the same manner to cultivate a new way of thinking and creating?

For more info on ChatGPT and other chatbots, read this article. 

Google Docs or Sheets Notifications

Have you ever shared out a Google Doc or a Sheet and want to be alerted when other people have added to it instead of randomly checking on it? Well you can and it is easier than you think! Under Tools navigate down to Notification Settings and choose Edit Notifications. Then set up how you would like to be notified. It is as simple as that! Unfortunately there is no way to set notifications on a folder, but specific Docs and Sheets are fair game. This is particularly great when you are all using a common tool. No need to keep checking for updates. The updates will be emailed to you.

Need to record a video? 

Choose Loom.

WBSD chose Loom as the district's preferred screen capturing and video recording software. Everyone begins with a Starter account which allows you to create videos up to 5 minutes and store up to 25 videos. If you are looking for more features  Loom allows you to record for up to 45 minutes with their free Educator account. Signing up is easy!

Go to https://www.loom.com/ and sign in using Google and your WBSD account info. If you are interested in the free Educator account for the longer recording options you must create a personal workspace first. You can do that at https://www.loom.com/select-workspace. Now you can sign up at https://www.loom.com/ education for the free account and create unlimited videos.

Tech Educator of the Month Nominations

Remember to nominate your favorite Tech Educator. 

Submit your April nominations today! 

Congratulations, Brian Taylor!

Woodhaven High School

Brian has been nominated for the Tech Educator for the Month of March. Brian is a business and math teacher and Esports Club coach at Woodhaven High School. The Esports Club started as an after school gaming club a few years ago but has been picking up momentum. This year club members moved to a competitive Esports platform and are actively competing against others schools in Super Smash Bros after school. There is great potential in the future of Esports in the district and it is exciting to see what the rest of this year holds. Congratulations Brian!