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February 2024

Google Practice Sets and Interactive YouTube Videos

EdCamp 2024 Google Tips

If you haven't heard, Google has been improving their Practice Sets by increasing the AI integration in the realms of ELA and Social Studies. Google started with Math and Science and those subject areas are leaps and bounds ahead of other subjects. 

If you have never heard of Practice Sets before I have a Google Slide deck that takes you through what it is and how it works. 

In addition to Practice Sets, Google also has made it where you can incorporate questions into YouTube videos. I know that many of you use 3rd party apps to do this, but now you can do it directly in your Google Classroom.

Figma / FigJam

Figjam was featured on a previous Tech Tip Tuesday, but the district recently got the official licensing to use it for free for all the staff and students. If you tried to use it previously with students and couldn't, please try again.

For more resources view this playlist of short YouTube videos


Elementary Robots

Robots in the Elementary Classroom: Jan 2024 Ed Camp

If you missed the Sphero presentation at EdCamp here it is again. This presentation goes through how to set your classroom, how to connect the robots, how to use them with Chromebooks, and gives you LOTS of ideas of how you can use them in your elementary classroom. You may be surprised at how you can easily get started and engage students in a whole new way.