Tech Tutorials

Loom Tutorials

The Google Chrome extension, Loom, has been added to all staff's web browsers. Loom is an easy-to-use screen recording tool.

Use Your Boxlight as a giant tablet for annotating while screen recording using the Loom Chrome Extension.

Katherine Snyder suggests a few easy to use options to record lessons and share content with students on-demand.

Google Classroom Tutorials

Google Classroom Settings

Be sure to have these settings in place! They will save you and your students time.

Classwork Tab Organization

Here is the link to the Emoji Copy website mentioned in the tutorial above.

When students are writing in school, it is important for them to cite their sources to avoid plagiarism.

Thankfully, Google Classroom does this for us!

5 Awesome Ways to Use Google Jamboard

Grab the Jamboard Copy from this tutorial.

Google Jamboard's custom background feature allows students to demonstrate their learning without limits.

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Technology Tips and Tricks

How to Split Your Screen

This is a great work around if you do not have dual monitors. It is a great way to increase productivity, too. Enjoy!

Display the instructions for your lessons in a clear and visual way using Classroom Screen!

Clever Overview

Robin Watson takes us on a tour of Clever and its features!

Here is the link to Clever.

Check out this quick fix for your Zoom meetings! Thank you, Dave Vasher, for sharing this.

Do your students struggle with writer's block? Would you love to increase your students' creativity when writing?

Securly Classroom allows you to monitor student devices while they're in your class. In this tutorial, you'll learn how easy it is to use!

Add custom links and applications to your Clever Portal for easy access!

Nearpod Tutorials

Thank you, Jennifer McCollum for leading us through the tools within Nearpod!

Nearpod's Google Slides Add On

We have a district subscription to Nearpod. Log in with Google today to access the created content today.

Adding a question into a YouTube video or your own video has never been easier with Nearpod.

Are you looking to take your students on a field trip without the permission slips and paperwork? Then, you'll enjoy the capabilities of a Virtual Field Trip within Nearpod.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Google Workspace

Interactive Word Walls

Turn your vocabulary lessons into an interactive Google Slides activity!

Click Here for a copy of the templated used in this tutorial.

Speech to Text Tool

The Voice Tool is a great option for students who struggle with typing or spelling.

Watch a tutorial here to see how to implement it today.

Easily transform a Google Spreadsheet into an interactive tool with Flippity's templates!

Google Sites for Education shares great ways to share students' work, create a portal for your class, and create and curate online resources.

Learn more here!

Math Workshop

If you're looking for a template to help you launch or refine your math workshop, then check out the free resource below.

Math Workshop Template

Here is a VIDEO explaining how the template is designed.

Google Calendar events will now create a Google Doc so you can take notes within the event.

Station Rotation Board

Easily create, adjust, and display rotations during your tier 1 instruction using this Station Rotation Board.

You can Make A Copy and customize the board as much as you'd like within your Google Drive.